The Company's History & Philosophy
"High grade steel, delivery fast and easy from stock, large or small quantities, sawn on request."

That was Erich Hagelauer's idea of business when he founded his company in 1921. Up and coming industrial firms in the machine tool branch as well as in the automobile industry and their component suppliers were concentrated in the South-west of Germany and were developing at a fast pace. High standards were demanded for high quality steel for their products as well as an assured availability. At that time, just like today, the focus of our business strategy was the intensive discussions concerning the wishes and exacting requirements of these customers. These high standards can only be met by having a consistent choice of suppliers and by having a good relationship with them. Close co-operation with the delivery firms is just as important to us as having good relationships with our customers. Both are aimed at long-term business interests. This ensures a high, well-regulated standard in the quality of the products.

Not for nothing the motto of the founder of our company:
"Hagelauer - your partner for ever"